Been a long time coming from intern to job placement all through has been a continuous learning process. The Journey has now brought me to another season of Hotel Nigeria internship(HNG). HNG is a fast-paced internship and interns are required to turn in the task more frequently than usual.

For this Season of the internship, my goal is to learn rapidly and connect with smart individuals as I progress.

Figma Tutorial

GitHub Beginner Tutorial

Flutter Beginner Tutorial

Finding a software development training program as structured as what the Team at Zuri powered by ingressive for good is one of the many problems talents in Africa face when starting out a career. Available Software development raining is overly expensive considering most beginners are students who don’t earn or…

Technology is the future or so I have heard a thousand times from different sources but as a young person, I never got to know what it means at the time. My curiosity began when I attended a venture capital meetup sometime in April 2018 at this event was an…

Njoli Patrick

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